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Transnational Issues in Suriname

Disputes – International

The area between Riviere Litani and Riviere Marouini, both headwaters of the Lawa, is claimed by French Guiana. Suriname claims a triangle of land between the New and Kutari/Koetari rivers in a historic dispute over the headwaters of the Courantyne. Guyana, on the other hand, seeks United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) arbitration to resolve the long-standing dispute with Suriname over the axis of the territorial sea boundary in potentially oil-rich waters.

Human Trafficking

Suriname is a source, destination and transit country for women, men and children who are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour. Women and girls from Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and the Dominican Republic are subjected to sex trafficking in the country, sometimes around mining camps. Debt bondage and sex trafficking are reported to occur within the Chinese migrant community. Migrant workers in agriculture and on fishing boats and children working in informal urban sectors and gold mines are vulnerable to forced labour.

Illicit Drugs

Suriname is a growing trans-shipment point for South American drugs destined for Europe via the Netherlands and Brazil. Besides that, the country is also a trans-shipment point for arms-for-drugs dealing.





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